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The Oligocheck is based on measurements taken by a spectrophotometer.

Spectrophotometry is a quantitative analytical method that measures the absorption properties (absorbance) of a given medium, throughout the light spectrum.

The collected data is then sent (in a few clicks) to the laboratory’s secure server.
This test helps optimizing the patient’s care (examinations, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, physical activity…)
and to offer more in-depth follow-up. “

Sidonie Decourt

Nutritional assessment by oligocheck


Estimation of deficiencies and excesses of minerals and trace elements

Heavy metals

Evaluation of heavy metal excess


Assessment of the bioavailability of vitamins in tissues

Oxydative stress

Responsable for aging and numerous diseases


Fast, without blood test & efficient.

See a sample of a nutritional assessment:


Holistic nutrition


Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit