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At the time I met Sidonie, by chance, I suffered from severe stomach burn and nausea that made my life very difficult to support. Traditional doctors said I was in good health; neither consultations with a naturopathic doctor, nor magnetic session therapy could alleviate my pain. Sidonie suggested a very simple healthy balanced food plan. After a few months I could already see improvements; and today, stomach burn and nausea have almost disappeared. I have regained appetite and finally relive. Thanks to you, Sidonie, I learned the essential rules to live in harmony with my body.

Annelen, Geneva

I was imprisoned in my own house, overweight, with high cholesterol, in a depressive condition, incapable of moving on my own and dependant on my family. Thanks to Sidonie I regained self-confidence by accepting that I did not have to remain a victim and by taking over the responsibility to change.
Results: Less 20kg, healthy cholesterol levels, feel fit and healthy and move around on my own. In a word, my flame was lit again and I regained my joy to live. Monique, 75 years old
It is never too late for taking care of yourself…
For 7 years a persistent cough exhausted me. I slept badly, had a constantly runny nose, red eyes and ongoing stomach burn; I was out of breath and had no energy left. The classical doctors did not find the cause. Sidonie immediately figured out the problem: a food intolerance to dairy and chocolate, as well as too much stomach acid.
Results: In a few weeks only, my cough, runny nose and stomach burn disappeared completely! Today, I weigh 8kg less, have my energy back, feel rejuvenated and live more peacefully. I thank Sidonie, for her professionalism. She listens wholly to her patients, figures out problems and their root causes rapidly, as well as suggests healthy helpful remedies. I recommend her for a healthier and peaceful living. M. André Davied
What we love most is often the culprit !

M. André Davied
I have moved to Geneva two year ago, and with all changes of habits (house hunting, different climate, lack of exercise, poor diet, little sleep, stress) the adaption to the life here was really tough to me. After one year, my body felt, I was diagnosed with gastritis (the bacterial one), irritable bowel syndrome. I was more than 10 kgs overweight and quite depressed. By chance, I met Sidonie and went for a consultation. Meeting her was like a small gift falling from the sky. She is very knowledgeable in her subject, always researching and open for a new approach, passionate for what she does…
I thought I knew a lot about nutrition since I’m vegetarian and struggled my whole life to keep my weight normal. However with Sidonie, I learnt a lot new things. I think the holistic approach she presents to her patients is the key of her work. It is not only a change in our diet but also a change in our daily habits, or the way of looking at things. After a few sessions with her, I could already notice an improvement; after a few months, the acidity of my stomach was gone and I have lost several kilos.
One thing that was really amazing that Sidonie introduced me to, was the regular use of Magnesium Chloride. It not only improved my digestion but also my mood. Everyone in our family now has it on a regular basis… (my husband, who had problems with inflamed prostate is now cured, without medicine).
Eventually, my daughter and I decided to do a supervised fast with Sidonie, which is like an alkaline diet (based on carrots, potatoes etc.). The diet worked like a miracle, it performs a spring cleaning of the soul. We felt energetic, the skin illuminated and we slept very well. After the 10 days “fast” I was cured of my gastritis and my stomach was flat… I have still lots to improve, I feel that I have no consistency sometimes… but I feel my life is back on track again!

Mônica, Meinier, 2013

In both of our names, we would like to thank you BIG time for your help – you changed our mind set and the way we think about food and shopping. We definitely learnt for a life time from you. Aaaand we will use the opportunities in the US to continue, considering all the great things they have. So thank you very much again and well, you never know when our roads may cross again. Take Care!!

Vivien & Joao, Geneva, 2012

For over a year I had been struggling with different “so called” diets and battling weight and poor eating habits. It came to a point where I wanted more than just some quick fix diet; I wanted a lifestyle change the natural way. After speaking with Sidonie about my situation and where I wanted to go, she was able to identify medical issues I was having, vitamins and supplements that best suited me, and an eating regimen that would put me on the right track! After a few months I really noticed the change! I felt more alert, (without the coffee); my body felt better and eating good had never been so fun! Thanks Sidonie… after 3 years I am still keeping up with your routine and living a much healthier happier life!

Candice Smith, Gilbert, America, 2010

Sidonie, I wanted to say thank you for really listening to me moan. I didn’t mean to go on like that, but it was really bothering me (like you couldn’t tell!). But you really listened and your comments really helped. It’s so much better than someone just saying “oh, poor you”, which is never what i want. I have really been thinking about what you said and I need to think some more too, but it makes me think more positively about everything. So thank you for pushing me to look in the right direction (ie. forward and not backwards) I feel so much better now! Like a breath of sunshine after gray skies.

Toni, Geneva

Overall I am doing well. I am missing you. I hear your voice in my head when I am worried about what I am eating. I hear you telling me to enjoy! Thank you so much Sidonie for what you gave me. It has changed my life; really… you have made a huge difference. Not only with teaching me about health; your love and friendship has a special place in my heart. Thank you for your smile, your encouragement and your tears. Lots and lots of love your way xoxoxo

Stephanie, Toronto, 2008

Dear Sidonie,
This letter is long overdue and I first want to thank you for all your nutritional guidance. The awareness and educational development you introduced to me in the past and hopefully in the future regarding proper balance with respect to nutrition, physical exercise, and mental exercise has helped tremendously. I’ve always appreciated how respectfully you handled my situation and your efforts in personalizing a complete program with that in mind.
Your loyal, committed, hard working approach you have to your life as a whole is encouraging and I am sure a great standard for the individuals in your life in Europe. I trust your spirit is strong and you continue to conquer all the challenges that life throws you on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.
All my best to you and your family in 2009. Kirk Wanvig (State Farm Agent)

Markham, Ontario, Canada

Sidonie has a very approachable personality, easy to talk to, and she really takes her job seriously. She seems to be an expert in her industry and I valued her knowledge while she lived near me. I highly recommend Sidonie to anyone who is serious about their health and want to talk to someone that is personable, honest, and knowledgeable.

Daniel Gauthier, Markham, Ontario, Canada

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