Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

Sidonie, I have taken three workshops with you covering “eating habits”, “weight loss” and “digestion”. I have found them to be very interesting, that you explain things simply with relevant and inspiring examples, and that the information is concisely presented with lots of specific suggested action steps to improve your health and achieve your goals. I really like that you not only set a good example by treating us to some healthy snacks but also generously share your recipes with us. Finally, I think it is important that you take a holistic body-mind-spirit approach that helps us to approach our health and making changes from a multi-dimensional perspective. Bravo and thanks for the inspiration and helpful tools!

Gaylene Pomeroy, St-Prex, Switzerland

Dear Sidonie, a warm thank you for a very inspiring evening about “weight loss philosophy”! It was very interesting and I actually got familiar with new ideas about food that I didn’t know about before. Even though it might not concern me that hard, I have lost some kilos; but I don’t want to be bigger just because I’m getting older and I would like to cook healthy food for my children! So again, thank you for all inspiration!

Kindly Clasine, Anières, 2009

Dear Sidonie,
I refer to my attending your workshop in November 2008 and would like to thank you for having had an eye-opening experience about the “myself”, a stubborn creature who needs a person like you to tell me how to change things in life in order to improve my mind, my health and last, but not least, my body! I truly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about positive attitude. I shall remember your phrases every time I tend to go into the wrong direction…

Francesca Jaeggi, Corsier

Sidonie gave an educative and engaging workshop about “healthier through commitment & integrity”. Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject projected on to the group, and I left the workshop feeling positive about implementing changes into my lifestyle. I wish her every success with her “healthy living” mission.

Colette Radcliffe, UK

Nutrition Holistique