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“ Your body reflects your life and spirit imbalances. ”

Nutrition Holistique

Regain your well-being, balance & heal

Do you feel any tensions or blockages in your body, in your consciousness or in your life?
Are you ready to let these go and welcome another positive and nourishing energy?
Are you ready to return to your natural state – your harmony – to whom you really “Are”?

If you have answered “YES” to one of these questions, continue…

The Body Mirror System, created by Martin Brofman, allows you to explore the relationship between your body, your consciousness and your life.

This healing system is the synthesis between occidental psychology and oriental philosophies founded on the chakras (energy centers that we also find in the Hindu tradition). Each chakra can be related to an aspect of the consciousness and therefore allows to read the body like an interior map.

Our natural state means balance, and good health, and completeness.

If there is a tension in the consciousness of somebody about something that happens in their life, the person finds himself out of its natural state of balance. If tensions reach a certain degree of intensity, they will manifest themselves as a symptom on a physical level.

If, for instance, the effect of the symptom is “to not walk”, we could say, that the person prevented himself to quit an unhappy situation.
If the person has difficulties with their eye sight, we could say, that there is something that he/she does not want to see or avoided to see. The body of this person says “Look at what you have done to yourself”.

The Body Mirror System works with the energy and gives the means to identify the specific tensions, which create such or such symptom, as well as the techniques assigned to liberate oneself of these symptoms. With the help of these tools, used during the healing, the healer succeeds in rebalancing the chakras of the cured person. For an optimal healing result, it is important that the healed person becomes aware of false beliefs. Those are often based on images received during childhood, hiding often behind symptoms and tensions.

The healing takes place when the tensions (the interior cause) are liberated of the consciousness of the affected person. We can get there with the healing tools or, in working with the energy; both have the same outcome on changes in the consciousness of the affected person. Thus, even a simple conversation can be considered a healing, if it has this specific effect.

We define the healing such as “returning to the experience of balance and of full well-being.”
Each healing is a process of transformation.

The use of our techniques does not include any physical manipulation, aside from a light touch, if the philosophies and sensibilities of the person permit it.

We do not prescribe any medication, nor diagnose symptoms: only medical members are allowed to do so.
The Body Mirror System cannot give any guaranty on results. However this method provides the tools that supply the means to optimize this process and to obtain the best chances to succeed.

We believe that, whichever existent symptom, there is somebody out there, who was healed somehow or other of that. If somebody else has done it, the potential exists that anyone of us can do so.

Everything can be healed


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Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit