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Sidonie’s treatments are powerful; her sensitivity is precise, and she combines various techniques to meet the needs of her patients. I have visited her several times and have always felt relief, both physically and mentally. Sidonie is attentive, gentle, and effective! I highly recommend her!

Matylda, Geneva

Suffering from chronic pain for several years, Sidonie suggested treating me with magnetism. I was impressed by the power of her treatments, with immediate effect.

I also appreciated the diversity of her approaches and her quality of listening as well as her sensitivity. I highly recommend her.

Fabienne, Meinier

A wonderful encounter with Sidonie, who practices with professionalism and kindness! Pains that have been present for years almost disappeared after the first magnetism session, and thanks to the MCI I feel rebalanced, more grounded (while I have mentally prepared myself for the stress usually caused through certain situations, I realize that emotionally and physically, I am liberated from it!). Many thanks!

Rashi E., Geneva

I saw Sidonie after a fracture of my knee for two sessions of magnetism. My knee felt heavy, disconnected from the rest of my body, and with poor circulation. The treatment allowed it to lighten up and the knee to reconnect to my foot and hip. The whole body was soothed and relaxed. Sidonie also focused on my neck, where I had previously experienced two major accidents resulting in stiffness and limited movement of my cervical vertebrae.

After the sessions, I was very surprised to be able to turn my head without pain, at least 15 degrees more rotation on both sides than usual. Sidonie is very professional and conscientious and really tested and treated the different areas of my body in difficulty.

Stella, Vésenaz

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